At Surfer’s Paradise in Zandvoort, you learn everything you need to know to become an independent kitesurfer. Our enthusiastic, IKO and VDWS certified instructors have a huge amount of experience riding on the North Sea, but also how to build up the perfect lesson to encourage the student to improve as quickly as possible in a fun and safe way.

The 5 day kitesurf course is the ideal package if you seriously want to jump into the sport!

You learn not only to control the kite and ride, but our goal is to focus on your independence throughout the course. So you will learn to independently do the waterstart ride in both directions, choose the correct size kite and perform an in depth spot check. After completing this course you will be able to practice by yourself in good conditions and with your own equipment. The course also includes the VDWS certificate so you can show internationally that you have had kitesurf lessons.

Day 1

During the first lesson of the course, you will learn how to properly set up all the equipment needed for the sport. Knowledge of the three safety systems is essential for you and the people around you, and once you are comfortable with these we go straight onto the water with the instructor. Together you will work on gaining kite control and we aim to have you independently bodydragging by the end of the lesson.


Day 2

Your second day of instruction starts with a refresher of setting up your equipment, followed by a spot check and then we get right back in the water. The goal of today is to focus a little more on independence and you will be doing some directional bodydragging and working towards bodydragging upwind! Kite control plays a crucial role in this process. When you’re comfortable with these techniques, we start working with the board.               


Day 4

Dag 3 beginnen we als je er klaar voor bent met het board! Upwind bodydraggen met het board en de waterstart gaan we oefenen! De waterstart is een van de moeilijkste onderdelen in het begin omdat je timing, lichaamshouding en drukopbouw in de kite precies goed moet zijn.


Day 4

The fourth kitesurfles will continue to build on the waterstart and we aim to have you getting up and riding your first meters! This is an unforgettable experience and one that will stay with you throughout your career!



Day 5

Perfecting the water start and all the basics of riding is the focus of this lesson. We will teach you riding in both directions, controlling your speed and how to make an emergency stop. Your kite career can now truly begin!                                           


€454,- per person

Max. 2 students per IKO/VDWS certified instructor

15 hours – 5 days of 3 hours. Lesson days can be planned according to your schedule

All necessary equipment included, VDWS certificate and our popular radio communication – no unexpected costs!



We use radio communication in every lesson for the most efficient way of communicating with the student

You will very quickly get on to the water independently, and hearing your instructors voice from a distance will give you a safe feeling and all the tips needed to progress as quickly as possible!


15 hours - €454,- per person